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Hello, Thank you for stopping by. My name is Kishore, and in the next few minutes I would like to share with you our story and how we can potentially help you with your estate planning.

We work so hard all our life to provide for our family, we plan so much for our holidays, we think so much on the best education for our children, to provide for a great start in life. But we don’t quiet give it as much time and thought on, how best to provide for ourselves in later life and for our family after us. Life gets so busy with so many decision to make and take, so we procastinate our estate planning. When we finally get around to it, the professionals throw so much jargon and nuances, with a deadline, that it is hard to make a well-informed, all-considered, balanced trade-off when coming to a decision. You sign up to it, but in your heart it feels, its not quiet comprehensive or tax-efficient. You promise yourself to revisit but the hamster-wheel of life means we put it off for some more time, sometimes years.

Nothing is more permanent than a temporary solution!

I was in exactly the same situation.

As a trained accountant, I used a will & estate planning solictor a few years ago. Whilst they were well-spoken, polite and seemingly consultative, they focused narrowly on writing a simple will that is box ticking, rather than the options available that I need to consider, and more importantly how to be tax efficient. I resolved that day, that we all need a better experience than that, we deserve better. As a member of the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners (STEP), the leading professional body that helps families plan for their futures, I offer that superior experience.

As an independent practitioner, my North Star is to help people make the most appropriate will and/or trust, that is aligned to their unique situation, context and circumstances.

You can read our Client Charter here.

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