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“If you think you don’t need a will, think again”



Without a Will, you do not have an executor & therefore an unknown official will be appointed by the Probate Courts to act as an administrator of your estate. This means delay, expense, frustration, and even loss of assets for the people who you would have wanted to benefit.

Many people avoid making a Will because they think that their estate is not large enough to merit one, or that their spouse & children will automatically inherit. Neither is a valid reason. There is only one way to ensure that your dying wishes for your estate are adhered to and set your mind at rest when the worst happens, none of the nasty consequences above will happen to those you leave behind.

For most parents, the welfare of their children is a primary concern. Setting out in writing who you want to have legal guardianship of your children is of huge importance and yet many parents omit to do so. If both parents die without designating a guardian it falls to the courts to make this decision. The would be immensely stressful for any children unfortunate enough to go through this process but the situation is entirely avoidable simply by stating your chosen legal guardian in your Will.

If you don’t have a will, your estate will be intestate and will be distributed according to strict hierarcy as per intestacy laws, which may not be as per your wishes or intentions. The UK Government Guide ( will show who will inherit.

You don’t have to look too far to find depressing examples showing how loving families can be torn apart by a family member failing to make a Will. Bob Marley is one of the most famous cases. The reggae star died of cancer aged 36 leaving a legacy of millions but no Will. In the carnage that ensued his widow and mother fell out and the court-appointed administrator of the state tried to evict his mother from a house Marley had given her.

No one likes to think of their nearest and dearest falling out after their death and this is certainly not the lasting legacy most of us would like to be remembered by so having a Will is the only way to make clear exactly who you want to get what.

Furthermore it is of utmost importance that your Will is stored safely. Your executor will need to easily find the original when needed as it is the only legally binding version. Not having the original copy is likely to be an emotional & financial nightmare for your beneficiaries and on this basis it is highly recommended that you making use of fire proof, flood proof storage facilities and along with registration on a National Will Register.

We are committed to our approach and to achieving the outcome you are seeking.


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